August 2016 Rally

Tue 9th of August at 7:45 pm Image

The weather gods certainly played a lovely part in our August rally. When the sun came out the day was glorious. A tad chilly when it hid behind the clouds however.

Lots of fun was to be had. With Wayne our favorite drill instructor who had the kids riding with precision, Amy was out on cross county teaching our budding Olympians some new talents over the fences. And Sarah & Claire from Bendigo Equine paid us a visit to give the kids some new skills in looking after their horses. We now have lots of budding vets in our midst, and many indignant ponies with temperatures taken, inoculations & microchips given, and fake wounds attended to.

Many giggles could be heard at the end of the day with all the groups coming together for games. The bareback seemed to be a hit with lots of lollies to be had by making it to the end without falling off.

The winners of the sackrace was however NOT the senior group. Who ponies were suitably unimpressed by their riders running beside them in their feedbags. The saddleclubber ponies however proved their constant weight in gold, leaving the youngest of our riders cheering (and in fits of laughter) over the antics of their mentors.

Shrek even paid us a visit and met one of our newest members Riley. I think Riley was suitably impressed.