June 2016 Rally

Tue 14th of June at 12:44 pm Image

What was forecasted to be an ordinary day weather wise, it certainly didn't dampen the spirits of our riders. It was a full house for Heidi's first rally as DC. And the weather stayed at bay, the sun came out on few occasions, and it was a wonderful rally had by all.
We were extremely fortunate to have HRV Hero's with us. Their ambassadors Franco Heir (Tas) and Villagem (Frankie) were adored by all. And proving that life after being successful on the race track is certainly achievable. They were amazing ambassadors and I may have heard a few experienced mother's thinking they might like to try these gentle giants themselves.

Along with the HRV Here team with had a Maree & Paul Campbell bring along one of their fellows, along with all his paraphernalia, allowing the kids to experience driving as opposed to riding.

Our regular instructors Adam Prime (showjumping) and Julie Scougall (dressage) certainly put the kids through their paces and as I looked around I saw lots of new things being tried. It's wonderful to see how hard our kids trying so hard for our instructions.

Our cross country instructor for the day was Amy Walsh with plenty more challenges set.

Thanks to all our instructors and guests that attended on the day.

On a side note: If any other clubs wish to have the HRV Hero Team visit their club contact Tania. Their FB page can be found here